Re: Re: Lesson 8 – Abstract Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Christopher,

I like that you’ve made a choice here.

You’ve chosen to remove everything from the frame that you possibly can, even color!

It’s certainly an abstract photo and I like that you’ve tried to do something different. The image is quite simple and elegant. It might work well in a series simple minimal.

In a simple image like this there is no need for so much noise. It’s shot at ISO 400 and I’m sure it could have been 100. Especially because this is the kind of image that would be blown up and displayed.

Now when you’re making an image like this you can really break the “rules”. Don’t be afraid to do so. Just break them for a reason…

The only problem I have with this image is that it wasn’t what the assignment was about…. The assignment for lesson 8 is:

This lesson is about finding a way to reproduce something you imagine in your mind onto your camera’s film or CCD chip. It could be a scene from a day dream or just something you think up on the spot. Try to use your imagination to ensure it’s as dramatic as possible.

It goes on… (check the pdf…) Now I don’t really mind if you do your own thing I just want to ensure you are getting something out of the course…

What do you think? Do you feel this really meets the criteria for the assignment?

Here are a couple images to inspire you based on what you’ve shot here:

[attachment=2:1rfwbwey]minimalist example 01 6993904230_5978d6b8c5_b.jpg[/attachment:1rfwbwey]
photo by thomasletholsen

[attachment=1:1rfwbwey]minimalist example 02 6995760104_ab491b75b1_b.jpg[/attachment:1rfwbwey]
photo by thomasletholsen

[attachment=0:1rfwbwey]minmalist example 03 7029194681_f23f661ec7_b.jpg[/attachment:1rfwbwey]
photo by spodzone