Re: Re: Lesson 8: Advanced Photography Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photograph.

You mentioned that you were trying to achieve the look of an older photograph and you’ve done that brilliantly. You’ve achieved that older look, not only through using a sepia filter, but also by your composition and subject matter. There is a general antique feeling to the entire photograph. So while I normally would have made comments about modern composition, I think your composition works well for your desired message and tone. Wonderful work.

What you’ve done isn’t wrong, but I will bring up a couple of technical points for you to consider. First of all, your horizon line is very close to being centered (especially on the right side of the frame). This gives the image a look of formal balance and causes the bottom part of the image to take up considerable space. The bottom half of the photograph is predominantly void of texture and detail (with the exception of the tree trunk). It’s called “negative” or “dead” space. It’s not wrong to use dead space. In fact it helps simplify and focus a photograph. But in this case I feel that there are some interesting textures in both the house and trees that could have been prioritized over the negative space at the bottom of the photograph.

If there was more texture or more shadows that would have helped add an interesting component to the foreground, but it just acts as a blank layer instead. When I enlarge the photograph there seems to be some interesting textures in the doors, the walls, the bricks near the bottom. But this assignment did ask you to take a “wide” shot and you’ve done that beautifully. I just wanted you to be aware of the highly textured potential of this photograph.

Great work!