Re: Re: Lesson 8: APC

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Lynnie,

Thanks for sending in another assignment.

The assignment:

Lesson 8: Assignment Assignment

Title: Stage it!

In this lesson you need to take 1 photograph

This lesson is about finding a way to reproduce something you imagine in your mind onto your camera’s film or CCD chip. It could be a scene from a day dream or just something you think up on the spot. Try to use your imagination to ensure it’s as dramatic as possible. You have complete creative control of this photograph. You’re not waiting for a decisive moment, and you can place anyone or anything in any position you wish. Use your imagination and have fun. Think about costumes, dramatic lighting, contradicting items, dark gloomy themes, bright, overexposed themes. Below are some more examples to get you thinking.

First this is a very cute photo. I like the idea and the intention behind so you’ve done well. Of course there is always room for improvement.

My first thought was oh how cute?!

My second thought was, that feels a bit unnatural. Your child looks like shes is obviously trying to stay still and do as she is told! This is immediately obvious in her expression. I find this often happens with me. I get a shot setup and sort out all the little details and then I forget the most important thing in the frame is the person and their poss/expression!

I can see that happening here with you as well.

So the photograph feels a bit to posed.

A potential solution for this is to setup the shot the way you like it and then just let the model (your girl!) just play around. Then snap away and try to capture it.

I know that wasn’t the exact assignment but in this case I think it would improve the final product.

Working with kids in a posed situation is hard. You really have to work at making them feel comfortable and forget that you’re taking their photo constantly.

Also, I think for the look you wanted to achieve (from above) you’d need to be on a ladder or a flight of stairs. I’m not recommending you do this because you might hurt yourself… But you get the idea, to shoot from above you have to be above!

Another note would be to avoid shooting logos if you plan to sell you work… Companies are notorious for suing people for using their logos if you use them in stock photography or you sell your portraits. So just watch out for that.

Good job on this one.

Great costume btw!