Re: Re: Lesson 8 – Wyckoff

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Kirk,

How are you?!

I love that you’re trying things. There are no rules when it comes to creativity! The only thing I recommend is that you do the assignments kind of in order…

I have never used the close up focus filter and I actually think there may not be a filter that can technically even do that.

Focus is really determined by the optics of your lens. Tell me more about this filter.

If you’re into close up macro photographs I highly recommend you get a macro lens.

I’m currently looking at the 100mm IS macro from canon. I’ll probably get that soon.

Given all that, I like that you’ve tried something new here and you had something in mind to shoot.

I have to say though that the filter has overwhelmed the image to the point where it’s detracting from the quality of the time.

There is certainly something to this effect but the way you’ve used it here seems quite heavy handed.

Let me know if you get a macro lens.

Nice work here. I’ll get to your next assignment shortly.