Re: Re: lesson 9

Duncan Rawlinson


Thank you for uploading this assignment. Yes, your assignments are getting better. I’ve also taken a peak at your next assignment, and I think that is an improvement as well! You’re starting to focus not just on clean compositions, but now you’re also trying to incorporate different design elements into each shot (i.e. the lines in the road in your next assignment and minimalist backgrounds such as in this assignment).

It’s really important that you think about these design elements to progress as a photographer. However, don’t be started if you feel your work starts to dip artistically for a little while during the time that you play with these design elements (i.e. color, line, shape, depth, tones etc). Understanding how to use each of these design elements from a technical standpoint will take some time. It will also require that you make mistakes along the way. However, as time passes, not only will you have the compositional strength you’ve had since the beginning of the course, but you’ll have a new found design strength that pushes your artistic and technical boundaries even further.

Let’s look at this photograph for a moment. The assignment asked that you upload an image with a wide tonal range. You’ve done a wonderful job of this. I’ve taken a “levels” reading of your image and you’ll see it attached below. Notice how you’ve pushed your whites (on the right side of the spectrum) right to the end. However, notice your blacks reach to the other side of the spectrum but don’t quite reach the left wall of the tonal spectrum. That means your blacks could have gone a little bit deeper, but you’ve still managed to find a very wide range.

Also, be sure to take not of the peaks and valleys of this reading. The vertical lines represent how many pixels were represented in that tone. As you can see, even though you went as far right as possible, you don’t’ have very many pixels represented in that tone. However, look at the peak of blacks on the left hand side. This means you have a lot of blacks represented in this tone (i.e. the black space represented in the upper right side of the frame).

Overall, you’ve done a great job with this assignment!