Re: Re: Lesson 9

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for submitting another assignment.

First cute photo! Second, there is always room for improvement!

Some areas for improvement:

I think I may have mentioned this previously but try to have your area of interest or main subject be completely free of obstruction. In this case one of the feet is under the sheet/blanket and it is obstructed.

Sometimes you can’t control this but it seems to always make for a more dynamic photo when the main element is not obstructed.

Next, that shadow.

The lower right hand corner of the frame has a shadow that seems out of place. Shadows in the right places can add very much to the depth and realism of a photo. When they don’t seem to come from anywhere or add anything to the frame they seem out of place.

Another option here is to use shallow depth of field to focus the eye on the feet instead of the blanket.

Finally, if you can with photos like this it’s always great to add a sense of scale of some kind. Like a toy or someone’s hands.

You really then get a sense of how small these feet are!

Here are some examples of black and white baby feet photos:

20061126_DHo_baby feet (11)_B&W_ps by christine [cbszeto], on Flickr

Hey you! by Calmtwood, on Flickr

Will and Mommy by babasteve, on Flickr

Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next submission.