Re: Re: Lesson 9 – B & W Photo

Duncan Rawlinson

Perfect execution of this assignment.

I’ll start by saying you’ll do very well as a photographer. You have both an artistic and technical understanding of the artform.

Your assignment accomplishes exactly what was asked of you. From a tonal standpoint, your first photograph has a wide tonal range but is slanted slightly towards the light end of the spectrum. Although, it’s still off balance towards the highlights, it’s more balanced than your second photograph which is a low key photograph with only small areas of highlights.

The most impressive thing about both of these photographs is that you’ve found true tonal range. Your shadows and dark areas are dark black and your highlights are bright white. This is not always an easy task to accomplish in a natural environment.

Equally as impressive, is that you’re bringing your knowledge from the previous lessons forward with you. You’re doing a great job with your exposure, your framing and you’re also doing an incredible job choosing interesting depth of field settings.

There is a lot of thought that needs to be put into each photograph before you close the shutter. Overtime, some of these things need to start to come naturally to you so you can capture the decisive moment without having to stall and think about what to do. It seems as though much of the technical and artistic elements of this art form are starting to come quite naturally to you.

Wonderful job.