Re: Re: Lesson 9 – Wyckoff

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Kirk!

Nice images here.

Your images certainly do illustrate a nice tonal range and that’s really the main goal of this assignment. Black and white photography takes years and years of practice to master. I’m nowhere near getting there but I’m improving all the time. You should too if you work at it.

In these images specifically here are some notes:

Your image of the statue has is shot from such an angle that it feels a bit distorted in a way. I would have preferred for it to be shot at eye level with the statue as the current angle just makes it feel a bit off in some way and doesn’t add value. Also, watch out for the white hot blown on spots on the chest of the statue.

I can see why you would want to photography that wheel but at the same time if there is no way to make it work you don’t have to shoot it. there is nothing saying you can’t just admire something for what it’s worth and not photograph it. The thicket of bushes and clutter in the frame really makes it hard for me to feel anything about it.

That said, I think your instincts are good because on your last image you isolated those metal teeth looking objects. Now that has punch and that has interest. Just look at this image in contrast with the previous image. It’s not even close for which is the superior/more interesting image. Would you agree?

There are no rules saying you can’t clean things up a little bit too.

I would have removed the vines on this thing before shooting it myself. Although it does give a feeling of being grown over.

Overall you’ve done some nice work here and I hope you’re having fun with it!!!