Re: Re: Lesson One

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there,

Welcome to the student forum.

I like that you’ve attempted to do your first assignment and you’ve posted your images here. So job well done.

The goal of this assignment was to try to get you to start seeing your world a little differently. To start seeing the world through the eyes of a photographer. One image was supposed to be your mundane object and the second was your mundane object made interesting through the way you’ve taken the picture.

I’m not sure which image here is your more interesting one but the point is you’ve started! As they say, “Your first 10 000 photos are your worst”… 😉

If your goal was to freeze the motion of the laundry you can do this by increasing the shutter speed on your camera and in this sitatuation the ISO. It’s tough to do this if you’re in a dark(ish) area.

Also, beware of shooting using your flash directly into a reflective surface like a window or a mirror.

Here are a couple photos to get you inspired:

[attachment=3:1q7ej9n0]laundry photo 01 3721281486_198b60acbd_z.jpeg[/attachment:1q7ej9n0]
photo by mysza831

[attachment=2:1q7ej9n0]laundry photo 02 2874232024_e20c3a65b8_z.jpg[/attachment:1q7ej9n0]
photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

[attachment=1:1q7ej9n0]laundry photo 03 160295637_c492acf3d2_z.jpg[/attachment:1q7ej9n0]
photo by striatic

[attachment=0:1q7ej9n0]laundry photo 04 5759665490_7834fc917b_z.jpg[/attachment:1q7ej9n0]
photo by fomu

If you want you can resubmit another version of this assignment here to ensure you’ve understood the assignment.

If not you can move to assignment 2. Up to you.