Re: Re: L’heure bleue or Evening in Paris

Duncan Rawlinson

You’re right. They do lack sharpness, but it’s only noticeable when the image is enlarged. That being said, it’s these small differences that will help separate you as a photographer.

However, the rest of the photograph is very strong. Some of the best technical features are:

1. You’ve abided by the rule of thirds

2. You’ve used a wide range of shapes in your composition. There are the half circles of the bridge, the triangle of the walking ramp and the rooftop off of the left side as well as many squares and rectangles.

3. You’ve use the light and time of day to capture the reflection of the city lights in the river. This helps add volume to the lights and makes them more pronounced.

4. Another great feature of the photograph (one of the most impressive in my opinion) was your ability to control your color pallet. Your image is predominantly cool with a generous splash of warm colors. However, you image is composes predominantly of blue and orange hues. Color control and color simplicity is one of the most challenging elements of photograph and you’ve done a wonderful job with it.

Just be careful about your soft focus and you’ll be well on your way to become a great photographer. Keep up the great work.