Re: Re: Lighting- Soft and Hard

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello Tamara!

How are you? I see that you’ve been shooting a wedding?!

This lesson is all about the quality of the light. Now I’m not sure if I can really tell if you know the difference between hard light and soft light based on these images alone but I’m leaning toward thinking that, yes, you know the difference.

Whether I think you can differentiate the two is actually irrelevant. What’s actually important here is that you always consider the type of light you are shooting in.

It’s super important and it becomes automatic or second nature over time.

In these images specifically I like what you’ve done.

I’m not sure I like the text over the photos but that’s just my two cents. Your clients may love them and that’s what usually matters here.

Always remember to do this in a non destructive way. Never edit your master images. Always work from copies…

btw this is off topic but here are some wedding poses just for some ideas for you.

Overall this is a good assignment.

Feel free to submit a couple more here if you’d like!