Re: Re: Man in motion

Duncan Rawlinson

Spectacular photographs!

My initial reaction to your shots was very positive. I particularly liked looking at your second and third image at the same time. They share a similar color palette and therefore compliment each other very well when looked at side by side.

I’m really drawn towards this particular hue of orange in your last two photographs. What I’m drawn towards is how you’ve balanced both of the shots by including blue highlights. The blue is subtle, but present. It’s seen in the rocks, the sky and so on. It’s more of a grey-blue, but the contrast between the warm color of the orange and the coolness of the blue gives me a great feeling.

Out of all three, the second image is my favorite. It’s breathtaking! I’m so impressed with this image. It has beautiful action, textures, colors and great depth.

All three of these images accomplish exactly what was asked from you for this assignment. You’ve provided the illusion of either depth of movement.

Thank you for submitting this assignment.