Re: Re: Motion and Depth

Duncan Rawlinson

The goal of Assignment 3 “Finding Depth and Motion” was to prove to yourself that you understand the technical aspect of your camera enough to create the effect of motion AND shallow depth of field.

Photograph 1:

The goal of this photo was to show motion.

Looks to be a light trail from a passing car at night so yes that qualifies as a motion. There are a few problems with this image though. For instance everything but the light trail is black so there is no context for the image. If you look at the photo in the assignment itself with the light trail of the car you’ll be able to distinguish some background and thus you will know it was indeed a car passing in the night.

In this image it’s just a trail of light and it could come from anything. Always remember that a person looking at your photographs was not there when they we’re shot. They don’t know the context or nevironment. All they see is what’s inside the frame.

Photography 2:

The goal of this photo was to capture an image using a very large depth of field.

You have succeeded in capturing an image with a relatively large depth of field. So you have done assignment well.

There is certainly room for improvement. We see what appears to be an attempt to use the trees in a pattern like effect. This is a great idea! However, take note of the amputation of the tree on the far left of frame.

You’ll also want to note that one tree is half shadow half tree. This is most likely two trees. Both of these problems could probably been fixed by moving slight to the left. You’d be amazed how much your photography will improve if you just move yourself around a little before you make the photography.

Photograph 3: *bonus photo 🙂

Now this is some motion! This image captures motion quite well!

One element to improve would be the background. In this instance a dark and non distracting background would have been best. That said it’s not always possible to make all the elements come together when you’re in the field.

Good job Lynnie!! Keep it up, and have fun with it!