Re: Re: Motion and Depth of Field

Duncan Rawlinson

These are all great shots that accomplish exactly what we wanted you to accomplish with this assignment. Your slower shutter speed image showcases the illusion of movement by showing a blurred object while your shallow depth of field photographs provide the illusion of 3 dimensional space within a 2 dimensional photograph. Great work.

Your first image is great because you’ve essentially used a shallow depth of field to isolate your foreground and therefore draw your audience’s attention towards a particular area of interest. In fact, you even have slightly blurred foreground in this image which further isolates the few inches of focus in front of the camera.

The texture in this shot is fantastic. The side lighting from the right is helping to bring out strong texture in both the ball and the game chips.

You’ve also used a limited color palette for this image using predominantly gradients of black and red. This helps you further simplify your composition. Great work.

Your second shallow depth of field photograph also embodies many of the compositional elements discussed above but you’ve used front lighting to expose your object, which illuminated your subject, but hid some of the detail that would have been brought out with gentle side lighting.

Your movement photograph also contains strong compositional elements such as lines, shape and pattern. Again, you’ve used a simplified color palette to help organize and simplify your composition.

My only concern with this photograph is that your lighting is very flat and your composition is angled. I see the lines of the photograph sloping downwards towards the left for no apparent reason. It seems accidental to me. Because you’ve used so many lines (i.e. in the tiles, in the wooden pillar in the separation between the floor and the wall) the tilt of the camera looks a little awkward to me.

Other than that, these are all great shots. Thank you for submitting this assignment. Great work !