Re: Re: My City Sleeps

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photograph.

You’ve done so many things right with this shot. For starters, you’ve incorporated a limited color palette of predominantly gradients of orange, but also including a small blue section (the billboard).

The 4 walls of the photograph are fairly clean and the image largely abides by the rule of thirds.

I only have two recommendations for you. First, your foreground (the city) is washed out due to the backlighting. They are not quite silhouetted but they are also not very clear. They are in a sort of awkward middle ground. If you have Photoshop you could use the curves tool to help you isolate the tones of the buildings and brighten them up a little bit. As long as you use the curves tool you could do this without effecting the colors or tone of the sky at all.

My second recommendation has to do with the blue sign in the background. I love monochromatic photographs with a small slash of a secondary, dramatic color. However, the blue in your photograph plays too small a role. I would consider trying anther composition where the blue takes up a slightly larger space. It can still be a secondary element, even a subtle element, but I think it could be a little more prominent from its current position.

Other than that; wonderful work! Keep up the good job.