Re: Re: My Inspiration

Duncan Rawlinson

What’s exciting for me to hear you say is the word “natural” when you’re referencing portraits. The best portrait photographers in the world are masters not only at the technical components of portrait photography (lighting, poses, backdrops, aperture etc), but they are “masters” because they capture the true “essence” of a person. Portraits don’t need to be manufactured poses with smiles and tilted heads and “this shoulder” being more foreword. The best portraits capture the “real” mannerisms, facial expressions and feelings of the moment.

I want you to look at a famous portrait photographer at the link I’m providing you below.

This is the portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh who is best known for his portrait of Winston Churchill. Please read this article below. You’ll learn so much from this photographer and his theories on portrait photography.

Great assignment. I really enjoyed reading about your experience.

All the best and keep up the good work.