Re: Re: Netfolio

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Paul!

Great stuff here. I’m glad you got your online portfolio going. You can now use this to keep all your photos organized and online 24/7!!! How fun is that?! 😉

Is there a reason you didn’t go with PhotoShelter?

Right off the bat I noticed a few things.

I liked the simple organizational structure of the site but one thing needs to be fixed promptly, the “color” section thumbnail is a B&W! 😮

Also, don’t be afraid to do an extremely tight edit and remove any photographs that are potentially weaker than the rest.

Another thing is that it appears as though many of these photographs we’re shot some time ago. People will want to see your most up to date work.

If you need portfolio images you can just got out and shoot some. Spend a day on the weekend walking around and talking photographs solely for the purpose of your online portfolio.

Another minor note would be to use a higher quality ‘avatar’ / profile photo on your about page. If you have to, take a photo of yourself. I suffer from this problem myself, I hate being in photos so there are virtually no good photos of me!

I have just started my new portfolio and it needs some serious work but it’s up!

Do you have a stats package installed? Like Google Analytics? You should set something like that up. I mention it because it’s great to see what happens.

My new portfolio has only been up since april 1 and it’s had over 10 000 uniques:


Crazy right?!

Overall your portfolio is a great start. Keep working at it and pruning it. I like to think of mind as a digital garden. I go in and take out weeds, do some watering, and plant some new seeds.

You get the idea.

If you find that carbonmade is restrictive or isn’t exactly what you want check out PhotoShelter. I’m really enjoying that service.

In fact if you want to know what I use I posted this recently.

Nice work here Paul.

Let me know if you have any questions about this, or really anything.