Re: Re: Opposite Reflection

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful photograph.

My initial reaction to this shot was very strong. I found the image very engaging and the composition convinced me to look close at the details of the shot. The photograph is without question unique in its composition. A reversed image with a soft reflection duplicating the main subject appears to the viewer as a bit unusual at first, but it’s easily recognized as an intentional artistic idea and accepted by your viewer’s.

From a composition and technical standpoint the image is very strong. You have great symmetry, color control and you’ve even managed to include a small illusion of depth. I was also incredibly impressed with your ability to create a strong color palette of yellow with red and brown highlights. The color choices are nice and subtle with a nice red highlight for dramatic effect. I also appreciate how your subjects clothing and the background compliment each other.

My only concern is with the chair being amputated by the right wall of the photograph. I find it a little distracting. I think the chair works in the photograph. It helps provide context and the color is brown so it fits into your color pallet. By including it is also helps offset an otherwise overly symmetrical or simplistic feel. It complicates the image just a little bit more which I think helps. However, you should include the entire stool and not just a fraction of it. Alternatively you can remove it all together for a more symmetrical and formally balanced photograph.

Other than that… Great work. I really enjoyed looking at this photograph.