Re: Re: Photographic Styles

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work!

This is some of your strongest work yet. You’re working with some of the same design elements in previous photographs, but these images have a much stronger sense of “cleanliness”. By this I mean that you’ve done a great job of focusing on the small details of each shot. Your horizon lines look perfectly balanced, your focus is spectacular and your control of exposure is great. These seemingly small and technical details make the difference between a “good” photograph and a “great” photograph. This assignment is testament to that fact.

Similarly, you’ve managed to incorporate strong design elements. This helps you create visually stimulating environments. You have a knack for finding natural environments that can be framed in unique ways. You’re photographic eyes seem to be able to identify shapes, tonal qualities, colors and patterns that work well together. A great example of this is seen in your first photograph. First of all, the time of day this photograph was taken was perfect. The lighting is beautiful and creates a few gentle patterns of its own. This helps add a little life to the road and the tunnel. It also draws out the textures in these surfaces. Great work!

Secondly, you’ve found and strategically used line and shape as two of your leading design elements. Best of all you’ve found a way to use a “frame within a frame” which has helped you used the tunnel to frame the “s-curve” road. I really love this photograph. My only recommendation would have been to experiment with your perspective. You could have exaggerated your foreground presence by getting a little lower to the ground. What you’ve done isn’t wrong, but it would have been interesting to see the difference that a perspective change would have made.

You’ve changed your perspective with your second photograph which has helped you create a strong and dramatic foreground object. Again, your lighting is beautiful. Your foreground is lit with soft light, while the mountains in your background still have splashes of the sun’s direct light on them.

Your last photograph confirms my suspicion that you are obsessed with fences and lines. Just kidding! But I do like how you’ve incorporated these strong architectural objects into your compositions as leading lines. You do a great job of leading your audience into your work!

It was very enjoyable to look at these photographs. Thank you for submitting this assignment.