Re: Re: Photoshop enhancements

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tamara,

This is great. I like the juxtaposition of the big steel machine against this little lady. It really works. Just a quick compositional note before we move on… The background features quite a bit of clutter including a tree that is coming out of the back of the model’s head. Be aware of your bkg!!!

You’ve certainly um “enhanced” this image 😉

You’ve certainly improved the image but I would advise you to be careful when cranking up the vibrancy/saturation levels so high. In this case in particular the vibrancy of the orange tractor in the bkg takes over the frame when the colors are this punchy… One solution for this would be to blur the background out a little when shooting using shallower dof. Another option would be to simply avoid having colorful and potentially distracting elements in your background.

Oh and you’re cropping off toes again! 😉