Re: Re: Polarized Filter

Duncan Rawlinson

Re: your first post:

Hi Lyzzie,

This assignment was to get you to try out using your favorite filter.

In this case you’ve purchased a polarizer.

Polarizer filters essentially have laser etched lines on them to take certain parts of the light spectrum and shoot them out to the side, away from your camera’s sensor. These lines are too small to see but they’re very good at diverting light.

Given that, one thing you can do with a polarizer filter is to remove reflections.

For example, if you have to shoot something through glass you can use this filter to remove the reflection on the glass’ surface.

You may have to play around with the filter and rotate it until you have done so.

In the case of the photos you posted it’s hard to tell what effect the filter had given the foreground is in focus in the top image and the background is in focus in the bottom image.

Whatever the case may be we highly encourage you to shoot with the right filter for the shot.

People often rely to heavily on photoshop filters after the fact but it’s never quite the same as shooting with a real filter.

Sorry for the delay and we’ll see you on the next assignment!

Btw, Australia is great!