Re: Re: Portfolio

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for sending in your portfolio.

I’ve added you as a contact on flickr as well.

The assignment:

This assignment will have you upload your photographs online into your online portfolio. Simply login to our student workspace and submit a link to your online portfolio for review by one of our staff members.
It is important at this point to create your photography portfolio online because in the next section we will be seeking to publish one of your photographs in our monthly art magazine. If you do not upload your photographs to an online portfolio we will not be able to publish your work in our magazine.

Here is a screenshot of your portfolio:


Your photos are quite nice and it appears as though you have a thing for history and architecture.

One thing I would caution you about is over processing.

Beware of using too much saturation and vibrancy in your post processing because on the whole the images end up looking too surreal.

Overall this is a good portfolio and I like the way you’ve organized your sets.

Great work.