Re: Re: Reflections in a Museum

Duncan Rawlinson

Incredible image. My initial reaction to this image was very positive. It’s unique in its composition and very well organized.

You’ve used the floor as a reflective surface, which is in itself a very unique reflective surface to use. You’ve also used the use of triangular shapes, diagonal lines and the rule of thirds to help lead your viewer’s eye to the main subject of interest. This person acts as a “stopper”, a place for your audience to rest their eye when they are not exploring the secondary elements of the photograph.

On a similar note, the secondary objects are also very interesting. As mentioned above, you’ve used lines, shapes, texture and color simplicity to help organize this photograph. You’ve limited your color pallet to black and white with small segments of orange highlights. What’s interesting is even the main subject’s clothing matches the color pallet of the art gallery.

You’ve done a wonderful job with this assignment. This is, in my opinion, your best photograph yet. It incorporates so many of the elements discussed in the lesson notes.

Keep up the great work.