Re: Re: Set Up

Duncan Rawlinson

The assignment:

This lesson is about finding a way to reproduce something you imagine in your mind onto your camera’s film or CCD chip. It could be a scene from a day dream or just something you think up on the spot. Try to use your imagination to ensure it’s as dramatic as possible. You have complete creative control of this photograph. You’re not waiting for a decisive moment, and you can place anyone or anything in any position you wish. Use your imagination and have fun. Think about costumes, dramatic lighting, contradicting items, dark gloomy themes, bright, overexposed themes. Below are some more examples to get you thinking

I have to say you’re really doing well! This is a great photograph. My partner’s response on seeing this photo was, and I quote: “Oh Wow, Really Neat!” and I agree with her.

I’m always inclined to agree with Robert Capa who said:

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.

– Robert Capa – before ironically was killed by a landmine.

In this case getting in a little tighter would have probably improved this image.

Another area of improvement on this image would be to avoid allowing the sunset to overpower the whole image. That beautiful orange sunlight is kind of taking over the frame and removing detail from the sky and the model’s face.

You could do this by posing her more off to the right or by moving your position as well so she is half lit by the sun as opposed to back lit.

That said, if this is the image you had in your mind than you’ve succeeded brilliantly. If not, you’ve still managed to shoot a stunning image.

Well done!