Re: Re: Simplified Outdoor Photo

Duncan Rawlinson

Great shot Kat. You’ve definitely managed to simplify the colors in this photograph. A very challenging assignment for landscape photography. What I want you to experiment with a little more is your camera’s positioning and your composition. Don’t be afraid to change your point of view (POV). Duck down and get your camera just inches of the ground.

You’ve managed to simplify the colors quite nicely, but the composition lacks a center piece or a main area of interest. It has elements which are of interest independently but nothing that stands out as the primary object.

For your next assignment, I want you to try changing your perspective (get low to the ground or high above it). It’s the easiest thing to change and it can have a dramatic impact on your photographs.

Also try incorporating more foreground elements into your shots. It helps lead the eye into the photograph and gives the viewer the feeling that they are in the photograph, rather than outside it.

Overall great work. I’m excited to see what you can come up with next!