Re: Re: Simply Color assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey hey!

Welcome back. You’ve nailed this assignment from a color perspective but there are a few things you could do to improve these images.

In both of your images here the depth of field is so small that only a small portion of the image is even in focus. This may be the look you want but I feel these images could both be improved by improving your control of depth of field.

In other words if your depth of field was larger more of the flower would be in focus.

I saw this because it usually makes for a nice photograph when the majority of the area of interest in your frame is in focus. The reason this works is because that’s how we see the world. Your eyes work in such a way that everything you look at is in focus. Whatever is the area of interest for your eye automatically comes into focus when you look at it. You rarely ever see something with this shallow depth of field.

In any case, you’ve nailed the color component of this photograph.

Don’t underestimate the importance of color in your images. Most of the best photographers uses color heavily and effectively to create stunning photographs.

Just take a look through the big picture site:

You will see how color is used to augment photos.

See you on the next assignment.