Re: Re: Slow Shutter & Shallow depth of field

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello Kat.

Great shots. Both display your understanding of what was asked of you. The shallow depth of field shot is perfect. Your framing with the mans shoulders into the frame, the off center framing, the blurred background without loosing the context of the shot are all, from a technical standpoint, perfectly done. Well done!

The slow shutter speed photograph is also very well done, but the composition is more complicated and distracting. Technically you’ve captured what you were supposed to. The waterfall looks spectacular. However, some of the details in the background are distracting to the viewers eye. Especially in the top left hand corner. I like the angle of the shot, but you might want to try to simplify the background a little bit more by changing your position. With photography, often ‘less is more’.

Likewise, the colors of the photograph are washed out and the harsh shadows are creating shapes in and of themselves. I know you have no control over the lighting of the time of day, this shot would have had more texture if you took the shot early in the morning or later at night. The texture of the brick and the shadows may have been more appealing if the shot was taken during the golden hours. Alternatively I would recommend framing the shot a little closer to highlight the waterfall and remove some of the distracting elements. Have you considered manipulating the color of this print? I think if the contrast in the brick was slightly more pronounced this photograph would be much more appealing.

Overall… Great work! Keep it up.