Re: Re: soft and hard lighting

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there,

It seems this one slipped through the cracks. Not sure why I missed this assignment.

Now your soft light image is borderline soft. It’s somewhat of a split between hard direct light and soft light. I want you to be clear on the diference. It mainly has to do with the power of the light and how harsh it is. Often taking a look at shadows is a quick way to determine the quality of the light source. The only reason this is even useful is that you will need to approach each shooting environment differently. What more, you can use the lighting environment to really enhance what you shoot.

Your hard light image is certainly hard so you’ve done quite well ont this one.

In fact shooting wildlife in this environment is often good because you can get nice sharp images. It’s very challenging (if not impossible) to shoot fast moving wildlife in soft light situations.

What kind of hawk is this?

Sorry for the delay on this one. 😳