Re: Re: Soft vs. hard lighting

erja kaikkonen

About diving.. it’s not hard to learn at all, although you need to go through quite a lot of theory. I did the theory through elearning beforehand and it was actually really good, it takes time but you get more out of it than just watching a few videos on a sunny day at the diving centre (which is the standard way I guess). I am a nervous diver as I had attempted the course a few years back but panicked with the emptying the mask exercise. So this course was an achievement for me in the sense that I got over my fear and anxiety that had been building up over the years.I am also a bit of a control freak so to give up the control to a couple of bottles was nerve-wrecking at first. Otherwise (apart from the mental side that is) it’s not difficult at all, very relaxing to be under water! Really enjoyed it. You’ll love it I’m sure.