Re: Re: Soft vs. hard lighting

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello Erja!!!

No worries on the delay. I’m just happy to help you go through the course.

Today is a good day! I get to critique two of my favorite students!!! Yourself and Michael! 😉

How are things in you area of the world?

How was diving in Jordan? Sounds excellent!!

Now the critique:

You are certainly creating some lovely images for the submissions here.

The main idea of this assignment is to get you thinking about light and how that affects your photography. You should always be thinking about the lighting environment you are working in.

Your soft light image of the kayaks is nice but don’t forget about the basics of composition. For instance the pillar in the top left of the frame is touching the edge of the frame… It’s not too important for this lesson but keep it in mind. The main this is that the light is nice and soft and that you have achieved the soft light look! So well done!

You have also achieved a relatively soft light look in your image of the people outside at night as well so nice work. In this image I would liked to have seen more people and closer up but the light isn’t to harsh so that’s good.

Your hard light image shows so very harsh light. When trying to determine how harsh the light is you can always look at the shadows. The sharp lines on the shadows usually indicate hard light. So work accordingly.

I have to say these are not your strongest images to date and I think you know that. I hope that it’s because you were just focusing on the light. 😉

All I can tell you is don’t forget to get close. Like this:

photo by Zitona

Excellent work Erja!

See you on the next assignment.