Re: Re: Soft&hard lighting

Duncan Rawlinson

The goal of this assignment was for you to understand the difference between soft lighting and hard light situations and shoot an image in both.

The assignment:

In this lesson you will take two photographs. Your first photograph must be taken in a soft lighting situation, achieved artificially or naturally and the second photograph should be a fairly exaggerated hard lighting photograph. Again, you can achieve this hard lighting situation naturally or artificially.

As photographers we’re always dealing with light, it’s what we do. Sometimes we can control it like when we’re in the studio and other times we cannot.

You have submitted three images.

The first image shows a young child in a hard light situation. One indication you’re often in a hard light situation is your subjects will be squinting or blocking the light (usually the sun) with their hands…

One thing you can do if you want to avoid this is just move them into the shade. Alternatively you can use some ND filters to knock down the strength of the light.

Don’t forget about composition even if you’re main focus is lighting… The last shadow which is cut off on the left side of the image takes away from the quality of the image. The image would be improved if it was just the three bars and the shadow of the girl it’s entirety.

You second photograph shows a cat lounging in very soft light. Overall it’s quite a nice image and the soft light enhances it quite nicely.

These two photos alone show that you understand the lesson and that you’ve achieved the requirements of the assignment.

The last photograph is another hard light image which also works with the subject of the image. Raaaaar!!!

Good job on this!