Re: Re: Weather & Landscape Portfolio (Revised)

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there,

Thanks for sending in your portfolio of images. I think the changes you’ve made have greatly improved the site.

On this page:

The description could be written a little better:

Like weather which is my biggest passion. Landscapes is another growing passion of mine.
I like to be able to showcase the simplicity of mother nature, and capture the spirit of place that I am photographing.
I like to capture intense colors and shapes which make the photograph that much more awe inspiring.

Also since your weather and cloud photographs are your passion I think you should focus on those. In other words maybe even feature them more prominently on your main page.

Another note would be that it’s a bit confusing that the black and white section is surrounded by black and white photographs:

[attachment=0:2d3itdhy]b and w diaz.png[/attachment:2d3itdhy]

Now the main thing with your website is that you want to treat it like a garden. If you leave it on it’s own it will slowly die.

Keep working on it and don’t stop!!!

Nice work man.