Assignment #3: Depth and Motion

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    #3a: Wind chime against building next door. Opened up aperture to blur brick slightly while keeping sharp focus on chime.

    #3b: Cars and Pedestrians in Motion. Shot at 1/1.3 shutter depicting motion in car and pedestrian in blue shirt.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Both images are very well done and accomplish exactly what was asked from you for this assignment.

    Your first image uses negative space to help isolate your main object which is small in comparison to your overall composition. In order to draw attention to this object you’ve used both depth, color and the use of dominant negative space to draw your audience’s eyes towards the wind chime.

    I also like how you’ve used your negative space in such a textured manner. If the space lacked the texture of the brick, the composition might have been regarded as oversimplified or boring. However, both the deep black tone on the right side of the frame and the gentle texture of the brick give the audience secondary objects to explore beyond the wind chime.

    My only concern with this image is that your focus is just a little soft. It’s not noticeable if you don’t enlarge the image, but if you enlarge the image you’ll see your main object is not perfectly crisp. However, I do see sharp focus at one section on the wall to the right. It looks like your just an inch or two off your main target. It’s very challenging to get this right since camera LCD screens are so small. If your camera has an “expand focus” option try using that. If not, try bracketing shots like this with 2 or three different shots with just slightly different focus to see if you get at least 1 with perfect sharpness.

    Your second image is great from a technical standpoint. The image shows the illusion of movement, however the composition is a little bit busy and there is a lot of layer interference in the image. Cars are interfering with one another, trees are interfering with cars, fences are interfering with the trees in the layer behind them and so on. So while the composition could be stronger, that wasn’t asked from you for this assignment. It’s just something to always be aware of though.

    Overall, these are two wonderful photographs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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