Assignment 4

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    Marissa Berguson

    I went ahead and did assignment 5 before this, since I was waiting for my polarizing filter to arrive. But now I got my filter and here’s what I tried out. I like the way the polarizing filter enhances color and increases some contrast. I made several attempts at doing comparative photographs (same picture with and w/o filter) but didn’t have my tripod to steady my camera, so each picture came out with a slightly different angle and lighting and I wasn’t helping myself in seeing the difference between taking the exact same picture with and without the filter. So I removed the filter from my camera, held it up in front of my lens, and snapped a picture. I don’t know if this is going to effect anything differently according to what we learned in lesson 4, but in seeing this picture after taking the shot, I definitely noticed the difference and recognized what the polarizing filter can do for me – without having to take a separate photograph, in this case. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Rissa,

    No worries on shooting the before and after photograph!

    The point here is that you have your filter and you have seen first hand just what the filter can do for you. It’s really quite remarkable that you’ve found a creative solution to showcase the effect of this filter.

    This assignment is one of those where you’ve already done the work and you’ve got your filter. You’re playing around with it and that’s the point. Just play and learn what it can do for you.

    Over time you’ll become more familiar with how and how not to use your filters. It really takes practice to know what is appropriate.

    Beyond the filter itself I quite like the look of that image with the fence and the filter…

    Nice work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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