Assignment #6: Simplify your world

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    Please find attached the assignment. A rainy day in front of a vineyard.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    I spoke too soon on your last photograph. This is your best assignment submission yet. This is an amazing photograph both from a technical and artistic standpoint. I’m really enjoying engaging in this photograph.

    Where to start? For starters, the lighting in the photograph compliments the overall tone of the photograph. Because you’re using soft lighting, the details in the puddles are drawn out, the details in the bushes are visible and the soft lighting also gives the image a fairly dramatic “grey” look. The colors are earth tones which also helps give the image a bit of a sombre feel. Because all of these elements work well together in this image it has the ability to make your audience “feel” rather than just see the context. The image feels solitary and grey, but not depressing. It’s still bright enough and has enough subtle yellow in it to be hopeful.

    The composition of this photograph is truly incredible. You’ve included quite a few photographic elements in this shot without going overboard. For instance, the use of lines in the group of bushes to the right. Also, the road which acts as a leading line from the bottom, left hand corner.

    The image also abides by the rule of thirds and has great color and lighting control. Your exposure levels are great which have really helped draw out the highly texture components of the photograph.

    I love seeing the broken reflection of the building in the puddles. That adds such an interesting artistic element to this photograph.

    My only concern is with the slightly blown out area of the sky above the building. It might be unavoidable because of your camera but if you haven’t taken the time yet to read about dynamic range and how to avoid this problem, then please read our blog post on the topic here:

    Great work!

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