Lesson 2: Assignment

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    Assignment Title: Inspiration

    Frans Lanting
    Born in Rotterdam on July 13, 1951, Frans is a Dutch photographer who focuses on wildlife photography. He received his education in the Netherlands before moving to what he calls now home, Santa Cruz, California with his wife and family.
    He became know as one of the great nature photographers of out time. Lanting has publish about 13 books on his journey thought nature, including one of his most famous ‘Eye to eye’ (1997); his books have received very good reviews by important magazines like the New Yorker. His work has been appearing in books, magazines and exhibitions around the world (mostly in Europe and US) and has been commissioned frequently by the National Geographic Society, where his pictures are very commonly published. For more than 20 years, Frans has documented nature and wildlife from the Amazon to Africa, to Antarctica.
    He has received several awards on his work, like the World Press Photo in 1988 & 1989, the Ansel Adams award in 1997 and more recently the Photographer of the year from the Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association, the title of BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year. He has also been inducted as a knight in the Royal Order of the Golden Ark, inducted by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.
    Below I’ve posted a few of his pictures to illustrate his work. Frans work is very impressing and has an great gift of capturing wildlife like no one else, he’s photographed Hawaii’s volcanoes, Zambia’s valleys, American landscapes, Senegal chimpanzees to name just a few.
    Frans likes to capture in his photographs life as a normal process, his pictures are usually of wildlife in movement, animals in their environment, nature at its best.
    I’ve been inspired from Frans from the day I saw a photograph taken at a lion in Africa. This picture was published in National Geographic magazine several months ago, it started to intrigue me because the way the night was coming down and the lion stud high above the grass at night. It looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before.
    In 2006, Lanting launched The LIFE Project, a lyrical interpretation of the history of life in earth, it launched as a book, an exhibition, an interactive website and a multimedia orchestral performance. Conducted by Maestra Marin Alsop, the multimedia production of LIFE premiered in Santa Cruz, Ca in 2006 and then tour North America and Europe.
    Hope you like his work as much as I do…

    Duncan Rawlinson

    What an amazing person for inspiration. I would like to draw the students attention to another couple of photographs by this photographer..


    and the lion at twilight picture can be found here


    Thanks for this report. We all really appreciate it. I look forward to seeing your next practical work assignment.

    All the best.

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