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    I was going through some artists and I was searching for a photographer that captures moments of children because i love capturing any moment myself of children any age, any cherished moment with a kid. So i come along Kim Anderson a European artist who specializes in photographing children. I found it to be interesting that his work is similar to my style, how he captures cute moments of children, there features, personalities, and innocent little people looks.

    As you can see below all his pictures has a pinch of color into them as well as being black and white photos. I myself take many pictures from infants to toddler ages with this same taste of how he does his pictures it just brings out the picture so much more. His Pictures capture the perfect smile the perfect posture and pose of how he sees these kids innocent full of love and will do anything to make you smile just because they love you and there full of joy and Innocence.

    I came across also in his biography that his 7 year old daughter is his inspiration. I think me and him have a lot in common I never took notice on who takes these pictures I seen around so much. I myself has a 4 year old son hes my world my perfect angel hes been my little model from day one, I have soo many pictures of him since birth you couldn’t even imagine hes the highlight of my days. I can see how Anderson enjoys the precious moments and he takes joy in watching his daughter grow up and Cherish’s each moment. I also love the Romance he throws in there as well with the little kids i think to me it inspires young ones its never to young for love, and to be kind, loving, and patient, grow old together as we should with are spouse. High school sweethearts are sooo cute to me. My in-laws are high school sweet hearts been married for 34 years still going Strong and happy if they can do it I’m sure others can too. 🙂

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Dessy,

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and potentially insult you. Ack! Have you seen Jill Greenberg’s fine art photography?!


    Now, these images are certainly polarizing in that you either love them or you hate them… Either way they are probably some of the most fascinating children’s photos you will see.

    I’d be curious to know what your take on the images.

    Do you think they’re it’s inappropriate to upset a child to create a photograph? Or do you think it’s ok because children cry all the time and it’s not a big deal? Fine art or exploitation?

    Here is one of the images:

    Whatever the case I think there is something to be learned from her work. That is, it’s better to make an impact and have people love or hate your work than to just take boring photos that nobody cares about.

    Maybe you have different thoughts on this?

    Given that you enjoy photographing children I thought I’d raise that issue.

    What do you think?

    Also, given that you are inspired by your children what are your thoughts on letting them take photograhs themselves?

    Never too young to play and learn!

    Overall you’ve done a great job on this assignment and I look forward to working with you on the rest of the course.


    I saw your response and I Have seen This photographers photos i was never really into them shows alot of sad emotions and i dont think anyone likes seeing there kid Cry. How they get there kids to make these emotions seems kinda curious to what they have to do to get these faces, be mean or what? Its sad to see but i like how each kid has a different way of expressing there sad feelings through there face.

    As for my photography i get soo many customers and i always get compliments on my work im not used to taking random pictures of nothing but i like taking pictures of people.

    As for My son taking pictures himself if thats what you meant he loves to take pictures like me i let him use the camera and At a family reunion he Took the Camera around for hours on end taking pictures of everyone at age 3 and they came out pretty good i can say besides the fact alot where pointing up because hes so little but he def has a eye for photography.
    thanks for your feedback non offensive in any way everyone gots there own opinion 😉

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Where do you sell your photographs?

    Online or in person?

    Have you checked out photoshelter?

    PhotoShelter has a 14 day trial


    I do photography from home of kids like pictures from a studio I’ve done kids, adults, and family photos.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Have you considered offering prints to your clients online?

    That’s why I suggested PhotoShelter.

    I use it heavily.


    Ill have to check it out but I haven’t sold online

    Duncan Rawlinson

    It’s been great for me!

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