IPS Bronze Package $249

Icon Photography School Bronze

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The IPS Bronze Package is the most basic of all the packages at the Icon Photography. If you are mainly concerned about the price of the course this is the package for you. Keep in mind there is also a monthly payment option should you want that.

Unlimited Student Forum Access
The Icon Photography School Student Forum is where students post their assignments. You can also ask questions and talk to other students. With the bronze package your will have always have access to the student forum.

14 Course Modules
When you sign up for the bronze package the following 14 course modules are available.

Lesson 1: Re-discovering Your World
Lesson 2: Finding Inspiration from Photography Masters
Lesson 3: Using Your Camera’s Settings for Eye-Catching Outcomes
Lesson 4: Manipulate Reality: Film, Lenses, Filters and More
Lesson 5: Organizing Color: Color & Color Theory
Lesson 6: Basic Photography Composition
Lesson 7: Photography Lighting
Lesson 8: Advanced Photography Composition
Lesson 9: Black and White Photography
Lesson 10: Photographic Styles: Abstract to Portraits & Beyond
Lesson 11: Digital Darkroom: Creating Dramatic Effects
Lesson 12: Creating Your Photography Portfolio
Lesson 13: Get Published
Lesson 14: Final Exam

One Year Student Workspace Access
The student workspace is the area of the website where you download student assignments and learn photography. With the Bronze package you get will have access to the student workspace for one year. The student workspace is always evolving so you will always have access to any new updates during the year.

See Also:
IPS Platinum | IPS Gold | IPS Silver