Photoshop: Making a Circle Selection

Photoshop: Making a Circle Selection

When playing around in your digital darkroom you’re going to want to first learn how to isolate certain parts of an image for use in another image. This is a very basic first step yet mastering this technique is one of a digital photographers most prized techniques. The difference between a bad isolation and a good isolation can be the difference between a masterpiece and an embarrassment.

We’re going to start off with using regular shapes. In our first example we’ll use a circle to illustrate how to isolate and duplicate.

Start off by finding a photograph with a full circle or feel free to use the photograph below. Use the “elliptical Marquee Tool”

Selecting circles on Photoshop

Now hold down the “shift” key while dragging the elliptical marquee tool and a perfect circle will be drawn. Anytime you hold down the shift key with these tools, it will remain in perfect formation. However, by not using the shift key you can make irregular shapes or customize a shape.

Next go to “Select” then “feather” and choose the option of 1 or 2 pixels. This will ensure the edges are slightly softened for when a copy of the selection is made.

Next make a copy of the moon by clicking “ctrl c” and then paste it by clicking “ctrl v”. You can then move around the moon in as many different positions as you wish. You can also experiment with shrinking or blowing up the moon if you wish.

Circle Selections in Photoshop

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