Photography Class Curriculum

Icon Photography School What You Learn

The Icon Photography School is all about having fun while you learn photography.

The curriculum consists of the following lessons:

  • Lesson 01: How To See Like a Photographer.
  • Lesson 02: Inspiration from Photography Masters.
  • Lesson 03: Camera Settings For Eye-Catching Outcomes.
  • Lesson 04: Lenses, Filters, & More.
  • Lesson 05: Color Theory & Organizing Color.
  • Lesson 06: Basic Composition.
  • Lesson 07: Light.
  • Lesson 08: Advanced Composition.
  • Lesson 09: Black & White Photography.
  • Lesson 10: Abstract, Portraits, & Landscapes.
  • Lesson 11: Post Processing & Effects.
  • Lesson 12: Creating Your Photography Portfolio.
  • Lesson 13: Getting Published.
  • Lesson 14: Final Lesson & Fun Exam.

The course is camera and technology agnostic. That means you'll learn to shoot with any camera. Technologies change constantly but the fundamentals of photography stay the same. If you're already an advanced student of photography you will also be able to learn from the more advanced lessons.

Start learning photography today!