The Best Photography Books

Instead of spending more money on photography gear why not join the Icon Photography School and buy some of the books below? If you're going to spend some serious money on your photography equipment why not take the time to learn it properly? The Icon Photography School can teach you everything you need to know to shoot great photographs!

Here are some of the best books about Photography:

magnum contact sheets book - Icon Photography School
Magnum Contact Sheets
One of the best ways to learn from some of the masters of photography is to see exactly how they 'worked the scene'. In this book you get to see contact sheets from some of the most important photographs from history.

The Art of Photography Book
The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression
The Art of Photography is the most definitely the best book I've ever read in all my time reading about Photography. What makes this book special is that the author, Bruce Barnbaum really explains all the things that make a special photo, really work and not just at a technical level. This book is arguably the best way to learn how to create remarkable photographs other than this website of course. Read this book to learn how to make great images instead of just madly clicking away and praying that you got something.

Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography
Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography
Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography by Brenda Tharpe is one of those rare photography books that has it all. The book not only gives readers a great number of illustrations but this book covers everything you need to know. Whether it is shadows, composition, color, seeing light, and just about everything else in between.