Getting Close Is Critical For Stunning Photographs

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough."
- Robert Capa

That one line photography quote by the great Robert Capa is so so true!

If there is anything you can do to dramatically improve your photography immediately, it's get close, and then get even closer.

Here is a example of something I witnessed at the top of Uluru in Australia. The man below thinks he is going to shoot a good photo and he is trying his best. In fact this is how close the average person gets when taking a photograph like this.

This is how close I get when taking a photograph:

It's so easy to get close and it results in vastly superior photographs almost every single time. Also take special note here that the best way to get close is by moving your feet. If that doesn't work only then do you use your telephoto lens. Got it?! Good!

Just look at the photos below and you'll see how different the same subject can be.

Too far:

photo by rankingfuuta

Just right:

photo by mjmerry

Here is a video from Vsauce about this subject:

Here is a video from Mike Browne on this subject:

Here is a different opinion on the subject from Matt Granger:

So get out there and get close!

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