How To Create a Commercial Photography Portfolio

Creating a Commercial Photography Portfolio

If you are making a commercial portfolio you’re likely making it for a company which focuses on specific subjects such as fashion, or nature or news to name only a few examples. Therefore, submitting a portfolio to a commercial company will be largely dependent on what their focus is. That being said, there are some reoccurring things that you can do regardless of the commercial focus on the company.

For starters you’re going to want to show consistency with good work. Therefore if you are working on creating a fashion portfolio to highlight your technical and artistic skills you might want to include a few shots of each model to show that you can take consistently good photographs. The same goes for still life photography.

If you are going to be working for a commercial product catalog you’ll want to do the same. Showcase how your can take great pictures from many different angles, under different lighting conditions and with different ideas about composition. This will help show the companies that you are a consistent photographer.