Photography: Complexity vs. Simplicity

Photography: Complexity vs. Simplicity

In our experience teaching this course, the single biggest mistake amateur photographers make is unnecessarily complicating an image. Many photographers get preoccupied with their main subject and ignore the other elements within the 4 walls of the photograph. The results are often disappointing.

In order to fix this problem you must realize that it is as important to consider EVERY element that makes it into the 4 walls of your photograph as it is to consider your main subject. Nothing should be in your photograph by mistake. Every element of your photograph should look planned.

It's as important to know what to leave of your framing as it is to know what to include. If you have distracting background elements they will only weaken the overall effect of your picture. Try repositioning yourself, zooming in closer or changing your perspective to do away with unnecessary foreground and background elements. You don't want your photographs to appear cluttered or unorganized. You want your viewer's eyes to be able to wander through your photographs with ease.

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