Photography Lesson: Basic Composition

Photography Lesson: Basic Composition

Video by Blender Guru

Mastering the Art of Composition with Ian Plant. Video by B&H.

9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry)

We might start most of our lessons like this but this time we add extra strength to our voice when we say "this might be the most important photographic lesson you'll learn". While all of our lessons are important (from color theory, to basic composition and advanced techniques such as adding texture), this lesson on the basics of composition is arguably the foundation of all good photography. Without a solid understanding of the basic rules of composition your photographs may look unorganized, unappealing, accidental or simply to confusing for the eye to even consider looking at.

While it is not important to fit as many of the elements into one photograph as possible, it is important to know all of them exist. For example, the use of "lines" may not play a primary part in one of your photographs. Maybe your primary focus will be to focus on coherence and the line element will play a secondary role or possibly even no role at all.

Let's start by talking about the use of lines in your photography.

Composition In Street Photography.
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