Contrast In Photography

Contrast is generally known as the range of light to dark areas in your photograph. Scenes that are high contrast tend to have a wider range of bright light to and dark shadow than a scene with low contrast. As a professional photographer, one must be keenly aware of the type of contrast in the scene you are shooting. Low contrast scenes can be quite soothing whereas high contrast scenes can be edgy and dynamic.

Rainy or overcast weather conditions will result in lower contrast photographs assuming you use available light. The same goes for shady areas. If you're in a low contrast situation shooting in color is a good. In fact low contrast scenes are really nice for shooting soft portraits of people in their environment. A high contrast scene will often look great in black and white. This is especially the case if you're shooting film because you can control the contrast when you develop the film.

Example of a low contrast photograph:

photo by SpaceShoe

Example of a high contrast photograph:

photo by SpaceShoe

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