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Here are some of The Icon Photography School student websites as well as a brief description of their work.

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  • Adrijana Matejic
  • "Photograph is tone of the moment and photography is music of the time. This music is my passion. My name is Adrijana Matejic, born 1993 in Lund, Sweden. discipline and responsibility is the key in photography where the primary aesthetic responsibility is to make a good composition where balance is the primary aspect of it. My rule of thumb is to hold back from making an exposure unless it directly involves me both intellectually and emotionally.I am learning from others but I do not trying to be better than someone else but just better than my self. All the time."

  • Alan Hsieh
  • Amanda Tellez
  • "Cute, flirty, unique, and fun portraits, action shots as well as landscapes. I am a photographer who is going pro. I have experience photographing both portraits and action shots. I am just starting out so am always looking to trying something new. Feel free to email me or message me for any questions or if you would like to book a shoot!"

  • Angell Lenocker
  • Audrey Vassallo
  • "I am quite a beginner in this vast world of photography. I love art and I love to see the beauty of the world around me in an artistic manner. Photography is a means of expression of my thoughts and my views. I admire the talent of many here on flickr and I am constantly learning. I do not have a professional camera as yet, but will buy one in the near future. Until then I will keep on using my faithful Fuji to show you my world."

  • Brandon Perron
  • My name is Brandon...the thing that is always consistent with my work is that people always say it is not cliche, which is why I call it cliche-less, I take pride in that, and thus I aim to create clichle-less imagery. I create clean and timeless images...where the photos are about the significant moments and people contained inside those four edges.

    I truly believe that people do not just hire me to just take photos, but they hire me for the way that I am able to capture their special moments and tell their story. I also believe that people hire ME for ME and the experience that I offer them throughout the entire process.

    I believe that the album is the most important thing a couple will have from their wedding and it truly tells the story of the day. This is the reason I shoot for the album and being able to tell your wedding day story.

  • Busutil
  • Caroline Dickson
  • Carolyn Cogan
  • "The world in front of our eyes, our cameras, is so imense, so varied, so fascinating, so beautiful, that to consider limiting what we photograph is, in our minds, not an option. We photograph what we see, what we enjoy, what our friends and our clients ask of us.

    We look closely at the world around us. We photograph not only clients, but the scenes we see daily, special people we meet and know, the seemingly trite, the creatures we encounter and the places we visit. Our perspectives are as different as our backgrounds. We are not held by convention or what is popular. We alter photographs for effect and for impact. We are not intimidated by the unconventional and our artistic training supports our dreams.This website contains a small sample of our work. If you have a specific area of interest please contact us."

  • Cory Jensen
  • Darcee Hite
  • Desiree Cherisse
  • Fred Peterbark
  • Gabriel
  • "I am currently working as an Art Director with Publicis Graphics Advertising. I am interested in photography and hope to make a career out of it someday."

  • John Boccanfuso
  • "I got my first camera at the age of 10, a Kodak Instamatic 110, and have been hooked ever since. My inspirations are many and change like the seasons, but I'm always on the lookout for amazing light."

  • Jess Betzel Concerts, people, nature and everything in between.
  • Kaley Gill
  • Karen Sayster
  • Kat Harris
  • Kevin Acosta
  • Kiva
  • Lala Photography
  • Mark Stevens
  • Melissa
  • Melissa Tubbs
  • Melody Owen
  • Michael Schwerberger
  • "we would like to share our passion for scuba diving and underwater photography with you by offering a selection of photos taken at distinctive places of this wonderful planet."

  • Naomi Richman
  • Paul Hooper
  • "I am a professional Project Manager however have recently taken up photography as a side project and have enjoyed every moment. I particularly enjoy capturing those moments that are normally only relived through memories. I also enjoy working with colours, motion, landscape and children. I welcome any or all comments regarding my portfolio."

  • Ethan Perry
  • Rissa Crowe
  • Ronaldo Pichardo
  • Sebastian Diaz
  • "Hello there. By now you know my name is Sebastian Diaz creator of S.D. Weather & Landscape Fine Art Imaging. I am an aspiring intermediate professional photographer based out of Texas.

    I specialize in Weather & Landscape photography, and I want to be able to share my vision with others. I have been Photographing the land and the sky for about a year, and I am absolutely amazed by what I have seen. Weather being my number one life long passion. Being able to unravel that hidden beauty in the atmosphere is astonishing! It's something that will truly captivate many who will take the time, and stop to see what the world has to offer us. If you want to see and enjoy more of my work. Follow me on Facebook at the link below. Also here is a link to my Fine Art America page which is still in progress. Give it a look and contact me if you are interested in purchasing any current or future prints."

  • Stephanie O
  • "I have a dream for a world where women are empowered to make the choices that are the best for themselves and their newborns, to trust their instincts, and tune out the messages that tell them they are not strong enough or good enough. I work with women to tell the story of their journey to becoming a mother, to showcase their strength, honour their struggles and celebrate the moment when both mother and baby are born."

  • Tamara Hadley
  • "My name is Tamara Hadley and God has blessed me with an amazing family. Two perfect, sweet daughters, an energetic, curious son, and a hard working, thoughtful husband. I have been incredibly fortunate to have them supporting me in my quest to become a better artist. My passion, second only to my family, is preserving special moments, that seem to pass too quickly, through photos."

  • Tammy Gagnon
  • "Tammy Gagnon is an semi professional photographer living in Central Wisconsin. Tammy's passion is lifestyle photography and she enjoys taking pictures of moments. Weddings, babies and family pictures are such a wonderful addition to the walls of a home. Pictures are a documentation of a moment in time. Tammy considers it an honor to be included in a families history.

    Tammy’s passion is not only capturing images of people, places, and things with her digital camera, but also enoys the exciting effects that can be added in the digital darkroom.

    Please take a moment to look at the wonderful images that Tammy has collected. Do any of these pictures catch your eye or touch your heart? Could you see one of these pictures of your Grandchildren or a scene hanging in your livingroom? Feel free to contact Tammy G Photography on facebook or email her for more information."

  • Tom Greenwood
  • Yelena Starikova

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