How To Take Pictures Of Fireworks

Fireworks photography is one of the most fun things you can do with a camera. The energy is palpable and the crowds go nuts. Getting a good photo of fireworks can be a challenge. Here are some videos and tips for how to take pictures of fireworks.

Video by The Art Of Photography

Video by Adorama

Video by MacPhun

Video by Spyros Heniadis

Video by Jared Polin

Video by Photorec TV

Video by KelbyOne

All you need to do is the following.

    Scout your location and get there early.
    Add some context, foreground interest or something to show it's not just random fireworks on the sky.
    Lowest ISO possible.
    Mid level aperture, f8 or f11.
    Manual focus.
    Long shutter speeds for multiple burts of fireworks in one frame.
    Expose correctly for whatever else is in the shot.
    Lock down setup.
    Have fun.

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