Reply To: Assignment 1 – Beast to Beauty

Nardia Buist

Thanks for your feedback Duncan. Yes I have been shooting for about 7 months now. I started another course and while it has proved very useful I felt it was set at a much more advanced level, it assumes that the photographers have the basic understanding and knowledge of photography which I did not have. I really needed something that would fill in those gaps for me which so far I feel it this course really has.

At this point I am just a hobbyist photographer, I am not sure whether I want to take it further and make it a business but I am in the midst of setting up a website for my portfolio and just seeing where it takes me. If you are interested please take a look you will have to excuse the lack of images at this point as I am still adding them as I go.

As for the ISO’s I am not sure what happened there to be honest! I only use my camera on manual now and usually very careful, I may have left it set from the last photo I took for the first one. And I am not 100% sure what happened with my secnd image, obviously I wasn’t thinking. Generally I will only use ISO 100 – 200.

Once again thank you for your feedback 🙂