Reply To: Simplified

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Peter,

Apologies if I wasn’t too sure about which image was which.

You are right to try to nail a few things at a time. It can be totally overwhelming at first.

One thing you can try is to just shoot in Aperture priority or shutter priority for a while and just work on that.

Remember if everything feels like too much you can always say forget this and just set it to auto and fire away!

As you used to do shooting in auto is not the end of the world.

Most cameras do a great job of trying to figure out what to use as settings.

Obviously I encourage manual shooting as much as possible for learning but I sometimes just set my camera to auto and snap away when I don’t feel like thinking about anything.

I never do this for my “real” photos when I’m trying to achieve something

The last thing we want is photography to feel burdensome for you!

Keep it up!